Mystery Spot Books produces small run artist books that explore geography and geology, cultural and physical. Mystery Spot Books is a project of Minneapolis, MN based artist Chad Rutter and Austin, TX based writer Emily Roehl.




Bethel University Library (St. Paul, MN)

The Floating Library (Minneapolis, MN)

grayDUCK Gallery (Austin, TX)

The Indie Photobook Library (Washington, DC)

Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collect, SAIC (Chicago, IL)

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (Los Angeles, CA)

MDW Fair (Chicago, IL)

Medium Cool Art Book Fair (Chicago, IL)

Midway Contemporary Art Library (Minneapolis, MN)

Minneapolis College of Art & Design Library (Minneapolis, MN)

Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minneapolis, MN)

The Natural Collection, Photobook Club (Coventry, United Kingdom)

New York Public Library (New York, NY)

Overbooked @ The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Peerless Gallery (Omaha, NE)

Perimeter Books (Melbourne, Australia)

Printed Matter, Inc (New York, NY)

Self Publish, Be Happy (London, United Kingdom)

Soo Visual Arts Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Zine's Mate @ the Tokyo Art Book Fair (Tokyo, Japan)