Image from Things Boulders Ate by Peter Happel Christian, 2014



Mystery Spot Books produces small-run artist books, zines, and other publications that trace the contours and quirks of place-based experience in the human-altered landscape. Named for the tourist trap wonder attractions often encountered on road trips around the United States, Mystery Spot is a project of Minneapolis-based artist Chad Rutter and Austin-based writer Emily Roehl. Mystery Spot investigates the persistence of place in the face of the abstractions and simplifications of the mass media in a way that resists the easy nostalgia of place-bound identities or mythic unities.



Minneapolis Institute of Arts Shop (Minneapolis, MN)

Moon & Arrow (Philadelphia, PA)

Perimeter Books (Melbourne, Australia)

Printed Matter, Inc (New York, NY)

Quimby's (Chicago, IL)

Ti Pi Tin (London, United Kingdom)

Waiting Room (Minneapolis, MN)

Zine's Mate (Tokyo, Japan)



Bethel University Library (St. Paul, MN)

The Floating Library (Minneapolis, MN)

The Indie Photobook Library (Washington, DC)

Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, SAIC (Chicago, IL)

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (Los Angeles, CA)

Midway Contemporary Art Library (Minneapolis, MN)

Minneapolis College of Art & Design Library (Minneapolis, MN)

The Natural Collection, Photobook Club (Coventry, United Kingdom)

New York Public Library (New York, NY)



2015 Vancouver Art Book Fair (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

2015 Philadelphia Art Book Fair (Philadelphia, PA)

2015 Photobook Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)

2015 LA Art Book Fair, Presented by Printed Matter (Los Angeles, CA)

2014 Tokyo Art Book Fair (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 Medium Cool Art Book Fair (Chicago, IL)

2012 Overbooked @ The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)

2012 MDW Fair (Chicago, IL)



Art of This Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)

Drift Station (Lincoln, NE)

grayDUCK Gallery (Austin, TX)

Johnson Gallery, Bethel University (Saint Paul, MN)

Monash Gallery of Art (Melbourne, Australia)

Peerless Gallery (Omaha, NE)

Soo Visual Arts Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Waiting Room (Minneapolis, MN)



2014 Book of the Day, Self Publish, Be Happy (London, United Kingdom)

2012 Book of the Day, Self Publish, Be Happy (London, United Kingdom)